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About our Ambassador Program:

Title/Position: Regional Ambassador

     Duties/expectations: As an ambassador, you will become the main contact and liaison for the organizations that are in your area. You will also seek out new organizations that may become a part of the Pokelanthropy Family.

You will make the first contact with group homes, hospitals, and charitable organizations in your territory.

Then you will submit them to our board of directors, and they will be reviewed for approval. Once they are approved you will work with them directly to determine their need, and if they are approved, you will personally deliver the card sets to them for distribution to the kids they serve, or we will mail them directly depending on the agreement with each agency.

     Time commitment: Work at your own pace/self-initiated. If you decide you want to allocate 2 hours a week, that is okay. If you want to allocate 20 hours a week, that is also okay. The role has a flexible schedule as your main objective is to scout potential agencies and put together a list for our communications team to speak directly to each agency. If you feel ambitious, you may take on the communication portion of the role as well, however, there are training and ‘scripts’ we want all ambassadors to follow when communicating with potential leads.

     Training Sessions: All onboarding ambassadors will schedule a 1–2-hour teleconference appointment to discuss in depth the responsibilities and protocol. Once a month, there will be a required check-in with the executive team.

     Location of volunteer position: Location is REMOTE. Ambassadors are needed in all global regions; all continents, countries, and regions are available for potential volunteers/ambassadors.

     Qualifications and requirements: Solid communication. Positive attitude. Creativity. Problem Solving. Ability to work well under minimal supervision. At least 17 years of age or older (minors must obtain parent/guardian consent form signature). Must preserve the confidentiality of client identity and information; agency’s internal information; and location of shelter and safe homes/agencies partnered with Pokelanthropy Inc.

Most importantly, a passion for Pokémon and always remain professional.

     Benefits to the volunteer: This is an UNPAID VOLUNTEER role. However, the organization can sign off on community service hours and provide a letter of recommendation if need be. You will be contributing to society by providing smiles, love, and compassion to children all over the globe. You will also gain professional development information, training, and networking opportunities throughout the entire time you are partnered with Pokelanthropy Inc.

More Descriptions Coming Soon

Please return back to this page at a later time to explore more descriptions of available roles. For now, submit your volunteer application through the form below. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your interest in volunteering with Pokelanthropy Inc.


At Pokelanthropy Inc. a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all employees and volunteers, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, feels valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all of our departments, programs, and worksites. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

We’re committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the entire arts industry of the nonprofit sector, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.

To provide informed, authentic leadership for cultural equity, Pokelanthroopy Inc. strives to:

  • See diversity, inclusion, and equity as connected to our mission and critical to ensure the well-being of our staff and the arts communities we serve.

  • Acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and services, and continually update and report organization progress.

  • Explore potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness.

  • Advocate for and support board-level thinking about how systemic inequities impact our organization’s work, and how best to address that in a way that is consistent with our mission.

  • Help to challenge assumptions about what it takes to be a strong leader at our organization, and who is well-positioned to provide leadership.

  • Practice and encourage transparent communication in all interactions.

  • Commit time and resources to expand more diverse leadership within our board, staff, committee, and advisory bodies.

  • Lead with respect and tolerance. We expect all employees to embrace this notion and to express it in workplace interactions and through everyday practices.

Pokelanthropy Inc. abides by the following action items to help promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace:

  • Pursue cultural competency throughout our organization by creating substantive learning opportunities and formal, transparent policies.

  • Generate and aggregate quantitative and qualitative research related to equity
    to make incremental, measurable progress toward the visibility of our diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. Once the content is curated it will be added to our website so others can access.

  • Improve our cultural leadership pipeline by creating and supporting programs and policies that foster leadership that reflects the diversity of American society.

  • Pool resources and expand offerings for underrepresented constituents by connecting with other arts organizations committed to diversity and inclusion efforts.

  • Develop and present sessions on diversity, inclusion, and equity to provide information and resources internally, and to members, the community, and the arts industry.

  • Develop a system for being more intentional and conscious of bias during the hiring, promoting, or evaluating process. Train our hiring team on equitable practices.

  • Include a salary range with all public job descriptions.

  • Advocate for public and private-sector policy that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity. Challenge systems and policies that create inequity, oppression and disparity.

Volunteer Information: Get Involved

Volunteer for Pokelanthropy Inc.

Are you motivated to contribute to the world and be part of "The Original Pokémon Charity" to bring smiles, love, and comfort into kid's lives? Do you love Pokémon yourself and enjoy community service and giving back? JOIN OUR TEAM!!
We have availabilities in multiple departments. e.g. marketing, fundraising, administrative, accounting, program development, research, etc. Let us know what department you are most interested in. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for submitting! The team will review your application and contact you soon!

Volunteer Information: Job Application
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